Joining Procedure

A complete outline of the steps to enroll in our universities for the academic year-2017-2018

The first stage method of registration and its steps

When the student continues with us, he is immediately received inquiries about the study in Ukraine and about our universities. And prefer to communicate directly with the guardian of the student's order to answer his own questions and take personal approval of the student's study in

  • If there is a representative in your country, contact him
  • or communicate with us over the phone via WhatsApp or Viber applications on the following number:


MOB: +38 0636911986 - 0930080933 TEL: +38 0930080977 - 0930080907


MOB: +216 99069200 - 26711352
TEL: +216 46305921 - 46305922 - 46305923 - 46305924 HOTLINE: 4630590


MOB: 0974 55543602
TEL: 0974 44411939 - 40179030 The student selects the specialization he wishes through our official website "Specialties and expenses page"
  • - The student fills out the registration form with all the required data through the "Registration Form"
  • - The student must not exceed the age of 22 years.

Information required from the student in the registration form:
Copy of a valid passport for at least one year
Secondary Certificate for students interested in studying medical specialties or IGCSE certificate "Certificate" O level.
His nationality
His place of residence
Competence required
Language study
Telephone number of the student in full with the international code of his country (eg 00974 /)
 - The student will send the university admission fees and ratification and send and support visa, University admission fees / $ 400 only. "
Transferring via westernUnion direct transfer service
Via the following transmitter information:
To: iryna Lapai

Ammount: 400 USD

 - After receiving the application for registration, student papers and admission fees. We register the student at the university of his choice. And we extract Admission letter "and send it via the DHL-ARAMEX mail service to be accepted after 6 days of dispatch.
- Note: University admissions every year begins to be issued in the month of 5 of each year.
- The acceptance of the student after the communication with him and take the address required to send acceptance.
- University admission issued by two countries to obtain visas, for example
- University admission is valid for 6 months.
- If the student has already registered through another company, he will not be entitled to a second admission in the same year.

The second stage: how to obtain the visa

- After receiving the student acceptance of the university. A person who registers at the Embassy of Ukraine in his / her country to obtain an appointment to submit his papers.
Registration can be done at the following link:
 - The student must prepare the following papers before the date of the embassy by 7 days:
 - The original secondary certificate is certified by the Ministry of Education, Justice and Foreign Affairs in his country
 - The original travel josse that the student has registered with us. If the passport is changed, he or she will have to obtain a new acceptance.
 - Original birth certificate of the student certified by the justice and external
 - Certificate of good conduct and conduct of the police certified by the foreign and translated to the Ukrainian language "for residents of the UAE only"
 - Anti-HCV-HIV1 & 2 AB / Ag-hepatitis B surface antigen. The analyzes should be ready before 7
Days as a maximum before the date of submission at the embassy, ​​which is done as the last paper. It is certified by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
 - Reservation flight "possible imaginary reservation" on 35 days after the date of submission of papers at the Ukrainian Embassy.
 - Travel insurance for 6 months of any insurance company.
- A bank balance on behalf of the student's guardian for $ 5000 or its equivalent in the local currency.
 - A letter from the work place of the guardian
- 4 personal photos measuring 3.4 * 4 white background.
- Original university admission.
- Visa support number. This is a number that we send to the student within 7 days of the date of the embassy. And is the number of student student at the embassy Ukrainian country in his residence. It is written on a paper and presented to the embassy when asked about it.
Note: Qatar and Kuwait can submit papers in English at the Ukrainian Embassy. Either in the United Arab Emirates The certificate must be translated to the secondary certificate and medical analysis of the Ukrainian language.
- Visa in the State of Qatar issued to the student in the period between 7 and 12 days. In Kuwait between 18 and 26 days. In the UAE between 22 and 38 Days.
- The flight card is reserved for coming to Ukraine according to the following journey:
Doha - Istanbul - Kharkov
Dubai - Istanbul - Kharkov
Kuwait - Istanbul - Kharkov
The final destination is Kharkiv City Airport
Via the following airlines: pegasus airlines or atlasjet
Http:// /

After submitting the papers to the embassy and the work of the interview is required to pay the consular fees "120 - 220 dollars", according to the number of papers Required to be ratified by the Embassy and the State in which the embassy is located. And the receipt of payment of the visa fees is returned to the embassy. And is waiting By the student. And receive a message to the email to register for the interview. And an appointment is scheduled for receipt of the visa. After the student receives his visa, he must contact us directly and send a copy of his visa and a copy of the reservation