BRD Certificate Program in Maintenance Management


Our Maintenance Management consists of three modules, which will help you evaluate your operation; plan, coordinate and schedule maintenance; and properly use preventive and predictive maintenance in your operation. The program is designed for all types of maintenance environments including refineries, chemical plants, factories, mines, large buildings, organizations with many smaller buildings, and all types of mobile fleets.

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Participants in this training program will learn:

  • - When to outsource
  • - How and when to in-source
  • - Planning and scheduling maintenance jobs to improve productivity
  • - How to make PM (Preventive Maintenance) work for you
  • - Ideas to manage the stockroom
  • - How to improve uptime
  • - How to insure the PM tasks are done as designed and how to design them
  • - Choosing and using contractors (as a competitive advantage)
  • - Maximizing benefits from your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • - Ways to reengineer maintenance that enhance quality, safety, environmental security and uptime
  • - How to use financial modeling of maintenance alternatives
  • - Basics of RCM (Reliability-centered maintenance)
  • - How to use high technology inspections to make an impact

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